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We live in a fast paced, crowded, congested and awfully competitive world that is more depressing than our daily routines. we fail to get that promotion, our pitch fails to impress the choosey investor, our kids don’t make the mark for the scholarship, the business makes losses, a loved one is hospitalized… Sometimes we crave to escape, even for just a few moments, to a quiet, peaceful place. And the waterways are the perfect antidote for the daily stresses. It not only gives you unrestricted opportunity to interact with nature, you also get to benefit from the soothing sounds and sights of the water.

Are you thinking of enjoying a boat ride? How about just sitting by the river clearing your head as you watch the water flow slowly, totally oblivious of its calming power? How about a fishing session as you figure out how else to pitch that idea to the investor? But is there such a glorious place? Read More...

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  • Canal River Trust Telephone 0844 850 0140

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