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Where is the best place in the UK to store your data?

Data storage is growing and it doesn’t seem to stop

We are living in a society of information, and producing inimaginable mountains of data every day. They pile up and soar, and need a place where they will be stored. Users might have no idea of how much data they produce by just living their daily lives with the help of electronic devices, or how many bytes of information it takes to generate all the content and all the functions they use every day. All of that needs a physical support, storage hardware with a complex and complete infrastructure, safety systems and backup in order to stay as it is, and on demand from anyone with access to the databases.

Information is worth money, and whoever holds more information, has more money, and a better capacity to offer services and optimize systems, which is as well very monetizable. Hiring data storage centres is fundamental for basically any company, because very few successful businesses nowadays can aspire to work without a proper data storage system or some sort of outsourced host for their digital content. Read More...

Protecting your empty office buildings

London has a serious vacant property problem

As one of the biggest cities in Europe, London is among the top destinations for people who want to relocate in the search for better job opportunities, a better education or all around better life conditions. However, the prices of rent and properties in general, as well as other factors, make it quite difficult for people to buy or even rent a place to live in. Even if the demand is high and difficult to meet, there are thousands of empty properties in London, including many commercial spaces and offices that could be put to a productive use but instead are left empty for months, or even years. Government buildings, police posts and other places of the like are in the same situation.

Tenants and potential buyers asking for more affordable housing is nothing new in London, but the problem of housing is still a big one both in the city and in the county. Job opportunities and businesses are blooming in London, and that attracts people who move in the search for better life conditions, but they often find it terribly difficult to get a place to stay. Even some businesses are moving out of the city due to the extremely high business rates, but instead of selling their old grounds and offices they keep them empty, mostly for speculative purposes. Besides, it is forbidden by the law to sub-let property for commercial uses, so that si not a way out of the situation for business owners. This helps to the problem of too many empty spaces in London. Read More...

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  • Where is the best place in the UK to store your data?
  • Protecting your empty office buildings

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