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Where is the best place in the UK to store your data?

Data storage is growing and it doesn’t seem to stop

We are living in a society of information, and producing inimaginable mountains of data every day. They pile up and soar, and need a place where they will be stored. Users might have no idea of how much data they produce by just living their daily lives with the help of electronic devices, or how many bytes of information it takes to generate all the content and all the functions they use every day. All of that needs a physical support, storage hardware with a complex and complete infrastructure, safety systems and backup in order to stay as it is, and on demand from anyone with access to the databases.

Information is worth money, and whoever holds more information, has more money, and a better capacity to offer services and optimize systems, which is as well very monetizable. Hiring data storage centres is fundamental for basically any company, because very few successful businesses nowadays can aspire to work without a proper data storage system or some sort of outsourced host for their digital content.

This booming market attratcts investors just as a bright lightbulb attracts a moth. Huge investors are spilling countless millions of dollars creating data centres and renting out servers. There is no need to go any further than the titanic Google growth across many countries, installing one data centre after the other and providing millions of terabytes worth of data storage. 


With such a blooming field of work, more and more companies will offer you their data storage services. Now, which ones are good and which ones are not reliable? When deciding who will provide you with hosting and data storage services, two things come to mind.

First of all, the reliability of the service itself. Big claims have been filled by powerful companies due to data centre outages that have left them non-operative for hours at a time, with all systems down and no access to the files and customer data. A good provider must have properly working systems, which does not only include the computers used for hosting, but also the cooling system, the power system and the physical security of the place.

Speaking of security, this is issue number two. Most data stored in these systems is confidential, not only because it has all the details of the company involved and its activies, but also because sensitive data of their members, employees and customers is there as well. From IDs and contact information to records, history and bank account numbers. All companies working with a digital database of their customers and employees must ensure that all of this information is properly stored and secured, in order to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands.

Onsite data storage or third-party data storage?

Some relatively small companies choose to have an onsite data centre, provided by a reliable suppler and installed within the headquarters of their own business. This is recommendable for small entrepreneurships and other businesses that don’t have a big requirement for data storage and processing, but most successful ventures eventually have such a high demand of storage that they have no option but to outsource the hosting to a data storage facility.

London data centres are growing fast just as the demand multiplies from year to year. Many big UK companies have their headquarters in London, and foreign and multinational firms are also very likely to have some sort of London-based offices which will require storage as well. There is an increasing number of companies investing in London and so the demand motivates the construction of more and more data centres.

One of the advantages of high-speed digital connections is that data can be stored anywhere in the world, and as long as there is a good enough data transmission, the processing speed should not be affected. Because of costs, some companies look for data centres outside the UK, in other European countries or even nations farther away. Although this could potentially offer an economical benefit if the price is singificatively different, we believe that the logistics and communication issues involved might make it not be worth it. A geographically closer data centre where you can go and talk to people in person is easier to manage and, were any problem to arise, the solution can be found and put in practice more efficiently.

Find a reliable London-based data centre and save yourself the hassle and the inconvenience of outsourcing your data storage abroad. There are many companies that offer great services in this area in London.

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  • Where is the best place in the UK to store your data?
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