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Homemade food: fun, healthy and delicious

Cooking is fun. That's the truth. Some people think it's bothersome, boring and tiring... and in some way, we agree. Cooking all your meals from the beginning, peeling vegetables, kneading the dough, mixing sauces, and all the steps of making a whole meal yourself can become obnoxious if you do them every day. However, cooking a nice meal every once in a while, be it for yourself or to share with others, is really fun and very satisfying.

Can you picture yourself cooking some great dishes, more or less elaborate, and presenting them to your family or friends? Imagine their reaction when you walk out of the kitchen, gloves still on, holding a hot platter with your latest creation. And then imagine their faces when they taste your delicious food. Priceless! You can also share some nice time with them if you cook all together, and you show them how to get it done. And then you share the meal. Just fantastic! So, why not take some cooking classes? 

If you want to learn how to cook, you will have to decide what kind of food you want to make. Desserts? Italian pasta? Barbeque? Veggie salads? The options are limitless. In this case, we want to make a suggestion, and advice you to consider learning one of the most renowned and delightful cuisines in the world: French food. Because nothing says sophisticated, classy and delicious food like French cooking.

The real French cooking

French cooking courses in the US and the UK are a dime a dozen. French food is so famous that everywhere around the world there are people trying to emulate it and teach it, but is it the true French cuisine? Or just a copy that cannot live up to the original? After all, if real French cooking was so easy to emulate, anyone could do it and it wouldn't be so special and famous, right?

So if you really want to learn how to cook real French food, there is only one place in the world where you can do it: France. Yes, you read it right. French food isn't just about the recipes or even the right ingredients. Once again, if it was just that it wouldn't have earned its place as one of the top cuisines in the world. French food is about timing and feeling. It's about turning the whole cooking and eating into a wholesome experience, with all your senses put into the task and all your feelings of sharing and having a good time with your loved ones being put into play. The only way to learn the real thing, to reach the true French culinary experience, is taking a cooking class with French locals

But how, you may ask? I can't just walk into a French family's kitchen and ask their talented cooks to show me their secrets and let me share with them a complete French culinary experience, right?

Well... what if we say you can?

Guest in the City

We would like to introduce Guest in the City, the website that has exactly what you're looking for. Here you will find lots of opportunities for alternative tourism in France, including activities, cooking classes, meals, accommodation and more. But what's special about this? Guest in the City actually features non-professional French locals who offer all these services for tourists for a very convenient fee. You can stay at a French home, share experiences and make friends with French locals, talk in English or French about their lives, and share their culture. At Guest in the City, you will find cooking classes taught by talented French locals. You can book for a day, learn how to make French dishes, and then share your creations at the table with your hosts!

You also have other cooking classes available, like French desserts, vegetarian food, healthy food and so much more. Also, you can book activities, city tours, fun rides across French cities or its amazing countryside, stay overnight and so much more. You can learn, have fun with your French hosts, and then bring home not only new recipes you can enjoy and share, but also lots of stories and anecdotes you can tell meanwhile. Take your chance now and book French cooking classes with Guest in the City!

Finally, click here to learn more about why this particular culinary heritage has become so estimated and valued by everyone, everywhere. Impress everyone and enjoy one of the most famous cuisines in the world. Learn how to make French food in your own kitchen. Take French cooking classes!

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