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We live in a fast paced, crowded, congested and awfully competitive world that is more depressing than our daily routines. we fail to get that promotion, our pitch fails to impress the choosey investor, our kids don’t make the mark for the scholarship, the business makes losses, a loved one is hospitalized… Sometimes we crave to escape, even for just a few moments, to a quiet, peaceful place. And the waterways are the perfect antidote for the daily stresses. It not only gives you unrestricted opportunity to interact with nature, you also get to benefit from the soothing sounds and sights of the water.

Are you thinking of enjoying a boat ride? How about just sitting by the river clearing your head as you watch the water flow slowly, totally oblivious of its calming power? How about a fishing session as you figure out how else to pitch that idea to the investor? But is there such a glorious place?

Welcome to Canal and River Trust

Previously owned by the state, the Canal and River Trust is now a charitable organization that is in charge of Wales and England’s canals, locks and rivers. The mandate of the trust is to manage all of England’s 2000+ miles of navigable inland waterways. The trust is also in charge of all the waterways facilities such as bridges, aqueducts, towpaths, reservoirs, docks and so much more. It also makes sure that the waterways are accessible to the public through continued improvement and maintenance of infrastructure. Should you find anything amiss, you can reporting incidents to your local canal office.

Thanks to the trust, millions of children today have a chance to experience the local wildlife up close especially such aquatic animals as otters and kingfishers. Many other residents can simply soak up in the 200 years of history, breath hard and be rejuvenated after a long hard day. The waterways are a national heritage that makes lives better and should be protected.

What the Canal and River Trust Offers the Community

There is a lot that the Trust does for the community in addition to improving and maintaining the infrastructure. Regardless of whether you like the thrilling white water sports of rapidly flowing river or are at home with a stroll along peaceful, slow flowing waters, you’ll definitely have your day in one of the London Waterways. Some of the activities you can enjoy include:



The waterways are home to more than 35,000 boats of all sizes, shapes and colors and are available on hire. 


You do not know the pleasure of a fishing expedition until you go on a tranquil session on Britain’s slow flowing rivers and canals.


The towpaths are well structures and maintained to make it easy to cycle along some parts of the waterways


This is one of the best ways to enjoy the waterways, whether alone, with some friends or with your family

Memorable Days Out

For the cherry that tops your waterways expedition, you can pop into one of the museums on your local canal, or check out the official website or contact the local office to get an idea of which museum to visit and how to go about the booking process.

Learning Opportunities

The history rich waterways trust is home to an exciting art and culture program, the explorers program for both the young and old, and a vast array of wildlife for visitors to enjoy! 

Income Generation Opportunities

The Trust partners with the people living along these waterways to provide essential services to the visitors. Such services includes equipment for hire such as boats, bicycles, fishing gears etc  If you have identified a service you can provide, contact the Canal River Trust for advice on how to exploit it to the fullest.

Do You Have A Day Off?

Are you looking for a plan for your day off? How about if you are looking for an idea on how to spend a day with a loved one who loves the outdoors? Why not take advantage of the waterways? It could be everything you need. All you have to do is click around on the official Canal and River Trust website and get to know your waterways better. You can check out the opportunities that fit your fancy. If you’ll need equipment you don’t have such as boats and fishing gear, it is advisable to book them well in advance. You can contact our experts to get you through some of those processes.

How to Get In Touch

You can call the Trust or use the official email address to make queries. You can also visit your local canal office for more information. If you chose to call their 0844 numbers, it is important to note that extra calling charges may apply (up to about 7p every minute). 

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